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FOX News
Jan 22, 2010 9:00pm EST
chances. think copenhagen. president obama has a lot of problems on his plate as his second year in office begins begin none may be more imposing than this. the newest critic ultimate fighter brock lesnar. he's speaking out against government run health care and president obama the ufc heavyweight champ recently fell seriously ill during a hunting trip in canada and told espn radio the only thing that saved his life was escaping that country in order to receive treatment here in the good old u.s.a.. listen to this: >> probably the lowest moment was getting care from canada. i hate to bash 'em, but they they couldn't do nothing for me. it was just like i was in a third world country. the only reason i'm mentioning this to the united states of america, because president obama is pushing this health care reform and obviously, i don't want it. >> sean: sounds like mr. lesnar is recovered and ready for a fight. >> you thought the copenhagen climate change conference couldn't become any more of a failure? the new york time albeit reluck landly reports even the meaningless nonbinding accor
FOX News
Jan 12, 2010 12:00am EST
everybody to copenhagen. they won't disclose how much it cost the taxpayers. is this going to add up one incident after another and is that going to impact the race? >> i don't know about the copenhagen thing. i tell you what will, these wall street bonuses handed out. where goldman sachs announced they are going to give their average employee a $600,000 income -- 2009 i don't know if that includes timest -- includes typists or what, some of those guys will be making over 10 million dollars from a company bailed out. a company, which is so integrated with the obama administration, the head of the sec enforcement bureau from goldman sachs chief adviser to the president is from goldman sachs it's a very, very incestuous thing and i think that will hurt him. >> sean: a week from tomorrow there's an important race in massachusetts to replace ted kennedy. this guy scott brown was down by 30 points, last week one single digits there's a poll outside that shows him up one point against a department it is important obviously because that would get rid of the stranglehold of the 60 vote super
FOX News
Jan 19, 2010 9:00pm EST
sense is 0-4 if you include copenhagen and new jersey and you include virginia and if scott brown wins tonight in massachusetts that means four times that the president of the united states has put his credibility on the line in his first year in office and has come up unsuccessful. will that further impact the rest of his agenda? >> well, i'm sure it will. i think it will be -- there will be some in the democratic party rather than accept data from the people they are going ahead with what they think is the right thing and that arrogance i think is going to cause them to suffer in 2010. but i also believe the democrats who are thinking about how they should vote on key issues particularly the blue dog democrats are going to say i'm not sure i want to vote along the party line on cap and trade and obama care and higher taxes and cutting medicare. they are going to say no to does things. i think when the politicking time comes they are going to say i don't think i want to invite barack obama to come into my district, he does not make things happen. >> sean: amazing turn around one year
FOX News
Jan 18, 2010 2:00am EST
. that's all. the negatives here. his risks are huge. it could be a copenhagen three. ends up in copenhagen, loses the chicago olympics, returns and doesn't get anything on climate change. now he ends up in massachusetts friendlier he has got to come back. >> democrats are lose on this even if coakley wins all the momentum is coming from the anti-health care plan. >> brit: to take a break. when we come back we'll discuss that health care reform bill and the home stretch for. and the new tax for the nation's major banks. nation's major banks. back in a me. >> brit: we're back with bill, nina, charles and juan. subject, health care reform. before the house and senate, a bilk worked on. the latest wrinkle is to overcome labor union objections to the proposed tax on so-called cadillac health plans. the latest deal is that labor union members will be exempted from that tax for some five years while nonreunion people with similar plans will have to pay the so-called cadillac tax. the "new york times" in its wisdom refer to this as a reasonable solution to a problem that threatened to d
FOX News
Jan 20, 2010 12:00am EST
hey again. here's a president -- copenhagen. here's a president so successful in so many ways. people are saying no to him for the first time. that must be a stunning defeat tonight at the white house. >> it should be. and it should be a moment, i think brit hume had a good point, this could be a great moment for the democrats if they sort of realize what is carried in the message of this moment and change their ways and try to govern from the center and govern in a bipartisan fashion as they led the american people to expect they would do. i frankly have been watching closely the rhetoric of the white house in the last 24 hours. they've gone viciously after martha coakley blaming it all on her. not on their policies, not on what the democrats in congress have done, not what the administration has done, but upon her. then they made things like david axelrod say all we need to do is pass this bill and we'll have plenty time to explain it. they've been explaining it for the last 10 months the american people have heard them and dealing them a blow like they received tonight in a state t
FOX News
Jan 16, 2010 12:00am EST
-- >> sean: and he went to copenhagen. does he hurt coakley? >> i don't think he hurts coakley, but i think he could hurt himself. >> i think he hurts her a bit. obama is still reasonably popular personally in massachusetts. but obama cares not, 51% of people in massachusetts are against, only 36% in favor. people are upset about obama not personally, but his policies. noor reason it reminds people that this is -- for that reason it reminds people this is an opportunity to send a message to washington. >> sean: one year into the obama presidency only 39% of the american people would vote to reelect him. 50% would vote against him. bigger picture, you're a democrat dug, more moderate, where is that one -- doug, more moderate, where is that one democrat that says i'm tired of the bribes. i don't want to bribe landrieu, nelson, unions. where is that one democrat that says, this stinks to high heaven and it is destroying our party? >> the democrat hasn't shown up yet. >> reporter: where is evan bayh, blanch lincoln? >> this either silent or made special deals this is more like a parliamen
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)